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7 Wow Things You Can Create Using Google Docs

Google Docs has really made me crazy and I am in love with it since last 1 year. While you can do many things with Google Docs using App Script, here in this article I am going to summarize some of the unique use of  Google Docs which will really make you feel wow! As per our past statistics we observed, our Google Docs related articles are getting most appreciation. So I thought it would be better to summarize the most popular ones on a single page with their usefulness.

"What else you can do with Google Docs"

  1. Schedule Emails in Gmail Using Google Docs

    Many times we need this type of options in Email services. Presently Gmail is the widest used Email service but unfortunately lacking this great feature. This Google spreadsheet will help you to schedule emails to be delivered in some future date. Just provide your date and time of delivery, mention your subject, body (supports both plain text and HTML) and close the spreadsheet. When the particular time arrives it automatically sends the email and logs the activity in a sheet.

  2. Get Notified By Google When Somebody Contacts You

    This is the one which I have already used in this blog. If somebody contacts me via online form, I get an instant SMS notification on my mobile and a brief summary. Reading that SMS I can determine the urgency of the message. If it is an urgent one I then open Google Docs to check the entire message. Thus it helps me to track my visitors responses. I don't think you will need any explanation other than this.

  3. Create Interactive HTML Tables With Google Docs Easily

    What do you mean by interactive ? An HTML table will be really dumb without interactiveness. Nobody will ever look into the data if you display them as it is. To make them more meaningful and to add flavors, you need to keep some extra options like sort and filter. This article explains how you can do it easily with Google Docs. No need to use any 3rd party plugins and frameworks.

  4. How to Use Google Spreadsheet As a Database

    Google Spreadsheet as a database, definitely a good idea rather than running behind complex relational databases for small/medium tasks. The main reason behind telling it a database is, it supports database like query to fetch records from the spreadsheet which makes the task even easier. The ease of data in/out has made Google Spreadsheet popular among its users. This article describes how you can use Google Docs to publish exam results online easily. You can definitely use this technique in your school if you are not a tech geek and you want to get rid of the weird server side codes.

  5. Automatic Back up Your Blog Easily With Google Docs

    Hello bloggers, it's definitely a good news for you. Nobody would ever imagine Google Docs in such a way. But yes, we did it. Data back up is a crucial task for every bloggers and they do it regularly either manually or by some automatic process. Here in this article we have described how you can automate this data backup task using Google Docs. Whenever a new article is posted Google Docs detects it and save it in your drive automatically.

  6. Conduct Poll in Google+ and Display Result in Your Site

    While Google+ has already acquired the second most position in social networking but still lacks a great feature, polling. Pooling is a great way to conduct a survey and to collect other's opinion on something or somebody. Here in this article I have described a workaround to conduct poll on Google plus. Not only this, you can also display the poll's result in your site using Google Docs. Undoubtedly a good idea to reach maximum audience.

  7. Display Your Gmail Inbox Count in Your Website

    I believe this as the most craziest use of Google Docs. Not so much useful but still you get an option to display your today's unread count to your audience. This counter changes in real-time. So if somebody sends you an email, she/he can can use this counter as an acknowledgement for email delivery.

    There can be so many crazy solutions and workaround you can do with Google Docs. In near future we will publish some more. I hope you liked all. For any query drop a comment.

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  1. Hello Admin I am Preet Again here.

    I want a Custom design for my Google Forms. As I have created a contact me form using Google. But I want to give this form great looks so that user can easily get attracted to it. How Can I do this customization.

        1. Preet, what you want exactly ? Do you want to remove the footer and all…..But I got from some resources that removing footer and their logo is against their terms and service ! !

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