We are very much excited to publish this page on our blog. Every month we get a lot of requests from various corners for creating real-life tools, apps, software and utilities. And we think, it will be really helpful for them who are searching for such options online.

What we offer

We will be creating both desktop and web applications for you at very reasonable price. We believe in quality rather than quantity, so you will always get best quality products from us.

Here are the list of technologies we can work on and some possible examples.

  • Google App Engine
    Create various dynamic web applications using Google scalable infrastructure. You can automate many real-life scenarios  and can make your life easier. Web apps with high traffic handling capability will really impress you.
  • Google App Script
    Link among your various Google apps like Gmail, Contacts, Calendar, Google Docs, Spreadsheets etc. Collect data through various Google APIs and analyze them, automate many real life works, create interactive web applications.
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Jquery
    Make your web pages more beautiful and interactive with CSS3 and Jquery. We write the best optimized code for front-end technologies. We can create many useful web apps using XML, web services, JSON etc. 
  • Core JAVA and VB.Net
    We make impressive desktop applications using JAVA and Microsoft's VB.Net. We can create interactive games and utilities to automate many personal and organization level requirements.
  • Microsoft Excel and Access
    For any business you do or any organization you start, Excel is the most required software to maintain data both at personal and industrial level. Although you can save your raw data in Excel, but to do some extra analysis you might need to take help of VBA, charts and functions. We provide solutions to add some extra power to your data with Excel functions and VBA. With VBA you can automate many manual weird tasks and let the Excel do all of them and give you the finalized result.

Our previous works

Here are some samples of our previous works which you can refer before going with us.

  1. This blog itself  is an example of our previous works. We have published many open source free tools to help people in serving their need.
  2. We have listed out some important web apps and utilities on this product page. You can choose some of them for your own need.
  3. A free and open-source password manager made with JAVA. Using this tool you can manage your online usernames and passwords.

How to contact us

If you have any need/requirement and want us to do it for you then feel free to contact us. You can contact us via online form. Your submission is straight forward linked to our mobiles. Otherwise you can also contact us via email. Our email address is