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Some mind-blowing Google tricks

1. Google Mars

Google MarsMost of you might have seen Google Maps, it shows the satellite views of earth. But there is another website from Google which shows satellite views of Mars. Yes it is Google Mars. Similar to Google maps you can see Mars surface and its different regions in Google Mars.

2. Google Moon

Google Moon
Just like Google Mars, another amazing website from Google is  Google Moon. It shows satellite view of the entire moon’s surface. You can also see those spots on the moon where man has landed. Visit both Google Mars and Google Moon, you will learn a lot of things.

3. Let me Google That for you

Let me Google that for you
Go to

Type something and press search. It will give you a link as shown in the side figure.

Now copy and paste the link in the browser and see what happens.

Saying in words is not enough. Do it practically and then believe.

4. Open a website even when it is blocked

Many times it happens that some websites gets blocked because of some technical problem. At that time you will really become frustrated if you need some urgent information from the website. But Google has a very beautiful technology to solve this problem. Just type cache:website’s address in Google search. For example: If you want to search in then type
Google will give you a cached copy of that website. You will see the following box on the top of your page.

Google's cache copy
5. Convert a long URL to a short form

If you want to convert a very long URL to a short form then you can take help of Google. Go to, type your URL and press Shorten URL. You can also set the time, upto which the URL will persist.

Convert a long URL into short form

6. Search a particular file type in Google

You can filter your result according to the file type you want. For example if you want only .pdf files related to keyboard then type filetype:pdf keyboard in Google.

7. Google as a calculator

Calculate an expresion in Google
Enter any expression in Google which you want to calculate. Google will give you the result immediately after you press enter as shown in the figure.

8. Google as a Graph Plotter

Note: I have tested this in Firefox 5.0 and Google Chrome 19.0, it is working fine. It is not working in Internet Explorer 8.

Go to Google and type any expression for which you want to plot a graph. For example: type (sin x)/x in Google and press enter. Google will plot the graph for you.

Plot a graph using Google

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