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Power Efficiency Diagnostic Report of your PC

It’s really interesting. Within one minute you can get the power efficiency diagnostic report of your PC. It is very easy. You will get a detail report in HTML format. This will really help you to diagnose  your PC. In the HTML file you will get the computer related information, power related information, CPU utilization, power policy etc. Just do the following to get it.

  • Run the command prompt as an administrator. To do this go to Start menu and type cmd. Right click on cmd, click on Run as Administrator. 
  • Enter the drive name in command prompt where you want to save the report.
For example: If you want to save the report in D: drive then type d: and press enter. It will go to D:>

Enter the drive name where you want to save the file

  • Now type powercfg –energy –output Energy_Report.html and press enter. The same has been shown in the following image.

Generate the diagnostic report

  • Wait patiently for 1 minute while windows is preparing the report for you. 
  • After the analysis is complete go to the corresponding drive to see the report.

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