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How to make a Bootable Pendrive

(Submitted by Saurav Misra) 

Now a days the virus problems are getting very critical. Sometimes some unknown viruses crashes our system software. So in every 8-10 months we may need to reinstall our operating system or simply saying we may need to format our system. But the question here is, in latest models of laptops there is no CD drive, then how we will install windows in our PC ? 
Don’t worry friends ! ! ! I am here with a very very useful and amazing trick. You can now install windows vista/7/8 from your pendrive itself. To do this you need to make your pendrive bootable. Here is the simple procedure to do it.

  • Open “run” and type “cmd”.

Opening command prompt

  • Command window will appear. Type “diskpart” in the command window.

Type diskpart and press enter

  • If you are using windows vista/7/8  then this window will appear. Select “Yes”.

Select Yes

  • After this, the command will appear with the tag “DISKPART>
  • Type “list disk“. Now it will display all your drives including the external hard drives or pendrives. Just see the memory . Here I am using a 8GB Pendrive so I am going to select Disk 2 i.e 7400 MB.
  • Now type “select disk 2“. Type “clean“. Then type “create partition primary“. All these steps has been shown in the following picture.

Select the disk and clean it

  • Now type “select partition 1“. Then type “active“.
  • Type “format fs=fat32” (format <space> fs=fat32)
  • It will take few minutes to format. So wait till 100 percent is completed.
  • Type “assign“. The same has been shown in the following diagram.

Formatting the disc

  • Type “exit” to exit the command prompt.  
  • Now close everything. Open your OS Drive and copy all OS files and paste it in the pen drive.
  • If you have any .iso image file of the OS then you can mount it by using various virtual mounting software. 
  • One of the good mounting software is magic disc. If you dont have it then download it from here 
  • Now it is DONE.

Thanks !
Saurav Misra
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