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Get Email/SMS Notification When Alexa Rank Changes

If you are blogger or webmaster, you must know the importance of Alexa Rank. Although it does not directly affect your page rank or visitors, it has some other indirect consequences which you may experience during your blogging journey. Alexa is the only website which gives you most precise rank and it maintains all historical data of the sites which have rank below 1000,000. All blogger and webmasters check their Alexa rank on a regular basis. But each time the result does not bring a smile on your face. You really become serious when one of your competitor is leading and you are lagging behind. But all these are not today’s topic of discussion. Lets go to the real topic.

How to get notified when Alexa rank changes

It‘s always not feasible to visit Alexa every-time to check your site’s rank. Moreover, the rank does not change each time you verify it. So what to do ?

Well, why don’t you think the reverse process. Get notified via email/SMS when your Alexa rank changes. Yes, it would definitely a nice option. You don’t have to check it frequently. Just reamain busy with your daily work and get notified when your rank changes. 

To get started just do the following steps

Alexa rank tracker
  • Make a new copy of this spreadsheet
  • Provide your site URLs at respective places in the spreadsheet. You can track maximum 3 sites.
  • Provide your email to receive alerts.
  • Provide the time to get alert in HH:MM format. For example, if it is 9:03 PM provide 21:03.
  • Then go to menu bar and start the tracker. The status will change to green and the tracker is ready to track your rank.
  • That’s all.
To get SMS alert you can change its parameter to YES in the spreadsheet but you have to first register your mobile under Google Calendar.

How does it work

The heart of the system lies in Google Script. It makes an API call to Alexa exactly at the time specified by you and get the result in XML format. It then compares your current rank with previous rank which has been stored in the spreadsheet. If the rank differs, it sends the mail.
Track Alexa rank with Google Script
Note: You can use this trick only for your personal purposes
For any queries drop a comment. For developers the code is readily available and you can view it in script editor. If you have any doubt regarding the code we can discuss here.

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    1. The menu bar is present at the top of the spreadsheet. In the menu bar you can find a new item called “Alexa Rank Tracker”. It appears there within a while. Within 3 secs of page loading.

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