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LIVE Desktop Alert for StackOverflow

Today, StackOverflow has become the best technical forum in the world. Not only the technical people, but even the Search Engines are also in love with it. It has got its popularity because of the contribution of the experts from various corners of the world. Thousands of questions are asked and replied by different users everyday.

Few weeks before I got an idea which will really help the experts, who are eager to answer the questions asked by various users in StackOverflow. I thought…

"Why not give a try to create something which will notify the experts about every new questions posted in StackOverflow This will definitely  increase their interaction with the users."

SO-Notifier, the real time desktop notifier

We created a desktop notifier which will really alert you as soon as a new questions is posted in your favorite area on StackOverflow. This is a freeware designed with You are free to copy and redistribute this application but with proper attribution.



How to use SO-Notifier

  • After Downloading the zip just extract it and you will get two things, one .application file and a folder which will carry some required files. You need to install the .application file.


  • Double click the .application file and install it.
  • After installation you can see a small bell symbol in your system tray which indicates your application is running.
  • Right click on the bell symbol and add some of your favorite tags.
  • For example you can add java, php, mysql etc.
  • Just wait for a minute, whenever new questions will be posted in your favourite area, pop-up will come on your desktop with a pleasant sound.