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Google Chrome vs Firefox – Which is The Best ?

Today, 80% of internet users use either Google Chrome or Firefox. Firefox is an open source browser developed by Mozilla Corporation while Chrome is also an freeware browser developed by Google. Firefox initially released on 2004 has got so much popularity within past 8 years. I personally believe the reason behind the popularity of Firefox is its fast internet access and it supports all latest technologies. But Chrome on the other hand is not lesser from any angle. Although it started on 2008, now it has come to a comparable position with Firefox.

Lets see a real-life example

I took the last 3 months analytics report of FunButLearn under consideration. As we can see Chrome is the ultimate winner for us.

An observation from last 3 months

Lets discuss some of their properties

1. Menu

Easy navigation is very important  for all application and that is only possible if the menu is perfectly designed. Both Chrome and Firefox have followed different menu styles. Firefox has adopted the traditional styles. The menu is present at the top of the browser like File, Edit, View, History……. This menu is hidden by default. To make it visible you can press the alt key.

In Chrome the menu is bit different. You can find the same options like Firefox by pressing the small button present at the top right. Some people may not get familiar with this type of menu styles while all are pretty comfortable with Firefox style menu design.

In this context Firefox is definitely the winner

2. Private Browsing

When we want our browsing information not to be stored in the browser, then we should open the browser in a Private Browsing mode, definitely a wonderful feature to increase user’s security. It seems both Firefox and Google Chrome are cautious about this feature. In Firefox you can press Ctrl+Shift+P to enable this mode. 

But Google chrome calls the same feature as incognito mode. You can enable this by pressing Ctrl+Shift+N.

No one is the winner as both are smart enough to keep this feature.

3. Stability

When we open multiple tabs in a single browser, Google Chrome creates a new process for every new tab. You can verify this at your task manager. You can see multiple Chrome.exe running in your task manager if you have opened multiple tabs. But Firefox does not create such processes. It handles all tabs in a single process. This feature keeps Chrome in the top position from stability point of view. If one tab crashes in Chrome it will not hamper other tabs as each tabs are running with their own processes.

Google Chrome is definitely the winner in this context

4. Master password

All modern browsers asks for the password to be stored in the browser itself. So the next time you login all the credentials will be automatically filled. Although it helps us to make our login easier but it creates a new problem. Anyone can read your store passwords from the browser. 
To overcome this problem Firefox has kept the master password feature. So nobody can read your store passwords until they provide the master passwords. But Google Chrome does not have this feature yet.

As Firefox ensures security it definitely gets the top position

5. Document Inspect (Developer)

Document Inspect is a very powerful tool for the developers. When you press Ctrl+Shift+I in Firefox, the inspect element mode will be activated. Now you can hover your mouse on the page elements to know their properties, which is very user friendly. Google Chrome on the contrary does the reverse. Here you have to hover your mouse on the HTML codes to view the corresponding element on the page, which is not that user friendly like Firefox.

Firefox definitely wins the crown in this context as it is more user friendly

6. Address bar

In address bar we generally type the URL. While typing, it may suggest you some previously visited URLs in the drop down. But Google Chrome no longer adheres to the same policy. It has turned its address bar into a multipurpose text box (Omnibox in Google’s language). You can even make a Google search from the address bar and can also type the URL in the same text box. The auto comeplete feature of Google Chrome is also nice option which will help you to automatically fill the address bar with the most obvious suggestion. For example: If I type just fa in the address bar, Google Chrome auto completes it to

Google Chrome definitely wins in this context

7. Viewing CPU, Memory and Network utilization

Google chrome has kept a nice option to view the CPU and memory related information. Just press Shift+Esc to open the task manager window, not the system task manager, rather Google Chrome’s own task manager. In this window you can see the CPU and memory being utilized by different tabs. Really a nice option to track everything but Firefox lacks this feature.

Google Chrome wins the race in this context

Conclusion: There are still some distinct features which is not possible to explain in a single article. Both Chrome and Firefox have their respective merits and demerits. You can’t completely reject any one of them. Its all depend upon the requirement and perception. But I personally prefer Firefox as I feel it is bit faster than Chrome. But one should never forget, Chrome released on 2008, 4 years after the release of Firefox. Just within 4 years it has come to this position. So imagine what’s the next.