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2 Step Verification: The Best Way to Protect Your Account

Whether it be Email account or any social networking account, security is essential for us. But with advancement of technology hackers are making impossible to possible. Every now and then there is high threat of security theft to all our online account. 

But there is an old sayings Prevention is better than cure
There are some security measures you can do to protect your account from hackers. Google has really made our task even easier by enabling something called 2 Step verification for reducing the activities of hackers.

What is 2 step verification ?

Two steps verification adds an extra protective layer on your Google account. If this is enabled you have to enter an extra security code at the time of login. This security code will be sent to your phone via text messages or voice messages by Google.

After you enter a correct username and password, Google will send you the security code. Each time during login you will get a new and random code.

How it can secure your account ?

A person can not login to your account even if he gets your both username and password. For a successful login the hacker will also need your phone which is practically is impossible. It will even alert you about the illegal activities being done with your account. For example, Suppose you are busy in a shopping mall in purchasing a T-shirt for your brother and unexpectedly you get a security code SMS from Google. It clearly indicates a culprit is playing with your account.

How can you set up this for your account ?

  • To setup 2 step verification go to
  • Login to your account as you do usually.
  • Provide your phone number which you regularly use.
  • Google will send a verification code to your phone. Provide it back to Google and you will be done.

 If you don’t have your phone then what ?

  • Google also recommends you to provide an backup phone number which may belongs to your family member or friend.
  • In case you don’t have your phone with you then you can ask Google to send the security code to the backup phone number.
  • Three is also another option to generate security codes using mobile apps. This app is available for Android, iOS and BlackBerry phones. When you don’t have you cell phone coverages you can take great advantages of these apps.
  • Along with above 3 options, Google also provides a last and ultimate option to login to your account in case you lose your phone or your cell is not in coverage. This is called the printable backup codes. Using these codes you can also login to your account. So it is always recommended to get a copy of those codes and save it in your computer.

 Should you provide the security code each time you login ?

It is practically a boring task to provide the security code always. I generally open my Gmail account 15 times a day.  Should I be asked to enter the security code 15 times ? The answer is absolutely no. If a computer belongs to you or you trust a computer then you can declare it as a trusted computer at the time of login. The next time you login, Google will not ask for the security code.

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