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How to Get Live Stock Quotes Directly in an Excel File

Now a days many people prefer to gain some extra income besides their normal job. As people think online trading is a good alternative for part time income and you can also do it full time if you are proficient in trading. OK, all right. But I am not going to tell you about online trading. Today I am going to share you something new about getting live stock quotes right in your computer in an Excel file.

How to get live stock quotes in an Excel file

You can get live stock quotes from Yahoo finance in CSV fomat by the following URL.<Comany Symbol>&f=sl1d1t1c1ohg&e=.txt

In place of the <Comany Symbol> You can enter your own symbol(s). You can get multiple stock quotes simultaneously by entering the company symbols by putting plus(+) symbol in between them.

Example:  If you want to get the present stock quotes of Microsoft and Facebook then enter the URL as follow.

NOTE: For Indian companies you have to enter corresponding symbol. For example for getting the stock quotes of Tata Consultancy Services Limited(TCS) enter the symbol as TCS.NS

Analyzing the CSV file

In the CSV file you will get 8 columns. The columns indicates following parameters.

Symbol Stock Price Date Time Change Opening High Low

You might be thinking, how I knew that the CSV file will contain the above columns. Well, let me explain he scenario. In the URL you can see a text like f=sl1d1t1c1ohg. This is what you explicitly mention the columns to download. The meaning of the texts are: s-Symbol, l1-Stock Price, d1-Date, t1-Time, c1-Change, o-Opening price, h-Day's High, g-Day's low.

Thanks for your patient reading. For any problem drop a comment.