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A Fastest Browser for Your Android Smart Phone

(Submitted by Saurav Misra)

Today I am going to tell you about the fastest mobile browser for your Android phone. I have used it and really felt the difference. Dolphin Jetpack is the fastest and free mobile browser for your Android. It has its own HTML5 rendering engine. It also has an extensive canvas/GPU/JavaScript enhancement.

Some of its advanced features
  • It is 5-10 times faster than the default Android browser and 2 times faster than chrome.
  • It has an extensive support for HTML5
  • Got highest score on Google’s benchmark test Octane
  • Back and Forward navigation is very easy with Dolphin Jetpack as it saves the content instead of reloading it.
  • It has also another interesting feature which is useful in night while browsing. The night mode browsing is really very helpful.
Where to Download
You can download it from Google Play website. The download link is given below.
Enjoy the fastest browsing 🙂

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