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7 Beautiful Websites for Your Timepass

Don't have any work to do ? Sitting idle and getting bore ? Today I stumble upon with some beautiful websites which will be suitable for you for your time pass. When you don't have any work to do you can really have some fun and learn with these beautiful websites.

  1. Season tree
    This is an amazing tree which will show you 3 different seasons of a year.You can rotate the tree by clicking on it to see its status during different seasons. You can also zoom it by scrolling.
  2. The interesting Winter Bell game
    This is a very very interesting game with a background sound. I just impressed by its cool music and I can challenge, everybody will like its music. You have to use your mouse to play this game. Really a nice innovative.
  3. The funny and interesting movie mistakes
    Whatever may be the perfection of a work, mistakes are always there. But have you ever thought of viewing all the movie mistakes at one place ? Go to the above website and watch some remarkable movie mistakes. Is not it interesting ?
  4. Which famous event occurred on the day you born
    Sometimes we imagine, what has occured in the history on the day I born. We get really curious to know this. What was the price of different household things during that time ? What are the top songs and top movies during that time ? You can know all these things at one place. Go to the above website and enter your date of birth and click on Quick page.
  5. Ball Pool
    If you don't have any work to do then play with this amazing Ball Pool. Not a flash website, it is completely made with javascript and Jquery. (Working fine with Google Chorme)
  6. Paul Neave
    Paul Neave is an interaction designer and creative developer from London. You can visit his amazing site to have a lot of fun. You can get here different interesting things like Imagination, Fractal Zoomer, Tetris, Planetarium, Hexagon, AOL Swarm and a lot more. You will really enjoy with this site.
  7. Subliminal Messages
    This is a cool website with a large collection of Optical Illusions, Brainteasers, Interactive Puzzles, Multimedia, 3D Images, Impossible Figures, Subliminal Music & Messages, Visual Surprises and More. Nice website for time pass. I loved it.