Amazing Android Mobile

An amazing Thief Tracker for Android

(Submitted by Saurav)

Nobody wants to loose his Android which he loves a lot. After so many days you had purchased an Android but unfortunately it was stolen. Then  what to do ? You miss your phone a lot. But today I will tell you about a beautiful, amazing and awesome application for Android to track the thieves.


After your mobile was stolen, the thief will definitely try to unlock it. But for each failed attempt to unlock the phone, the “Thief Tracker” will become active and will secretly activate the front camera. A photo will be taken hiddenly from the front camera and an email will be sent to you with the image of the thief. All these process will be done in the ignorance of the thief. 

Where to download

You can download the app from below link.

How to do it

Just install the software and activate it and you are done. The next time your Android is theft, the thief will be successfully tracked. You can get the detail procedure to implement it in the above link.

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