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How to add a Drop-down list to an Excel cell

Many times you might have seen some tiny drop down list attached with a particular cell in excel. If you have not observed then don’t worry. I am here to make you aware of it. Just have a look on the following image. You can see the drop-down list for the columns “Gender” and “Qualification“. When the values to to filled are fixed and when you don’t want the users to fill any other invalid value, you need to take help of the drop-down lists.
Example of Dropdown list along with the data

How to do it ?

  • Open MS Excel and go to the tab “Data present at the top.
Data Validation
  • Then select the entire column for which you want to create the drop-down.
  • Now let the column being selected and click on the Data Validation.

Data Validation
  • A small window will open where you will find a drop-down list called Allow.
  • Select “List” from the drop-down and then mention the values of your drop-down in the Source field one after the other separated by comma. The same has been depicted in the following figure.
Data Validation

  • Then click OK and you are done.
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