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Can’t find project or library in Excel VBA ! ! !

What is this ?

You might have seen this type of problem while using some macro enabled excel or macro enabled PowerPoint in your PC. This type of problem generally occurs when a macro enabled Excel is used in another computer other then the developer’s computer. In the developer‘s computer it works fine but in other’s it creates problem.

Cause of this type of problem ?

This type of problem occurs when your VB could not get the required library files or simply saying Visual Basic is linked to a library file which is missing. There are many DLL files present in your system which should be linked dynamically for the proper functioning of macro enabled excel or PowerPoint. 

How to solve this problem ?

These problems can solved by a simple step.
  • Open the Excel file.
  • Press alt+f11 to open the visual basic editor.
  • In the Visual Basic editor go to Tools–>References
  • A window will open where you will find the following check boxes.
References - VBAProject
  • Just verify whether above check boxes are checked or not.
  • A very important step is, if any reference or check box has been mentioned as MISSING then uncheck that check box and click OK.
  • MISSING reference means VB is not finding the library files so you have to remove it.
  • Your problem will be solved.
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