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Watch Ramayana in HTML 5 Created by Google

We have been seeing Google’s innovations since last decades. Today Google has become an inseparable part of our life. Truly saying there is no words to describe Google’s achievements in the fields of innovation. Anyway, Google Indonesia has recently recreated Hindu Epic Ramayana in HTML 5. When I saw it I really became excited. I am not finding any words to describe it. It is just awesome. Until and unless you see it you can not imagine its beauty.

Content of the page

  • The entire content has been developed using HTML5. (no flash, no video)
  • When you open the story you will see a Google map, which will take you to the locations of Ram, Sita, Janaka.
  • Just after few seconds of starting you will see Rama, Rawana, and Sita will start chatting in Gtalk.
  • The design of the sceneries and characters are just indescribable.
  • In-between the story line, a screen will come where you will have a gun and you have to shoot a deer. That was really funny.
  • You can also hear the background sound during the story being played.
Where can you get this

To watch the entire Ramayana in HTML 5 visit

Screen shots of the story

Beginning of the story

Rama, Rawana and Sita chatting in gtalk

Shoot the deer (a game which comes in between the story)

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