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Some more websites similar to Wikipedia

(Submitted by Siddhartha Misra)

There are some more websites like Wikipedia. They are also wonderful. You might be aware of them but still I want to recall those websites and their features.

Here you will get all free books with good contents. As of now it has a catalog of about 2,463 books and counting. You can get an option to search the books subject wise. There are different subjects like computing, humanities, science, mathematics, social science, languages, engineering and miscellaneous. This Wikibooks project started in 2003 and now has become the largest free e-books website in the world.

(2) Wikispecies

Click here to visit Wikispecies website
This is a website where you can get detail information about all the plant and animal species in the world. As of now it contains about 327,807 articles and counting. You will also get detail information about the taxonomical classification of a particular species. It covers Animalia, Plantae, Fungi, Bacteria, Archaea, Protista and all other forms of life. I like this website because it has made a detail classification of species.

(3) Wikisource

Click here to visit Wikisource websiteIt is an online digital library of free contents. As of now it has about 776,826 textual contents and counting. It has an aim of hosting all forms of free textual information in many languages. This project started in June 2012. It contains only those information which are in the public domain or freely licensed. You can search the contents in alphabetical order, according to country, subjects or index of audio recordings etc.

(4) Wikiquote

Click here to visit Wikiquote
Wikiquote is a quotation website which contains the quotations of important people. It was first launched in July 2003. It has an aim of collecting a huge number quotations from prominent people, films, books and proverbs. You can search for quotations according to people, literary works, films, TV shows, themes etc.

(5) Wikiversity

It  is a project started in Aug 2006 and is dedicated to learning resources, learning projects, and research for use in all levels, types, and styles of education. It includes all curriculum starting from pre-school to university, including professional training and informal learning. Teachers, students and authors from different geographical locations join here and write valuable contents.

(6) Wikimedia

Wikimedia common is vast digital online library of free images, sounds and media files. Presently it has a huge collection of 13,038,505 freely useable media files and still counting. This site was launched in Sep 2004. It has big collection of beautiful and free wallpapers which have categorized according to location, type, author, license, source etc. Day by day the popularity of this website is increasing.

(7) Wikitionary
This a online multilingual free dictionary which supports about 158 languages. This project started in Dec 2002 and since then it has been being contributed by different volunteers. If you search for a word it will show you whether it is a verb or noun, its etymology, its pronunciation, its meaning,  its synonyms, its anagram and many more. It is a completely free dictionary and its accuracy is very good. It is widely used in many fields. Thanks to its contributors.

(8) Wikinews

Click here to visit Wikinews website
This is a free content news source and is managed by Wikimedia Foundation. This project started in Nov 2004 and has been being contributed by different contributors. This will give you information about top stories, recent news, recent interviews and many more. It will also give you an option to create an article. It also supports different languages.

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