Computer Interesting Internet Techniques Tricks

Interesting Computer and Internet tricks

(Submitted by Siddhartha Misra)

(1) Maintain a personal diary with notepad or create a log with notepad

Save a log in NotepadYou can now maintain your personal diary with notepad. I will tell you a really beautiful trick which will save the current system time when you close it. This is really a hidden trick. Very few persons know this. Do as per the instruction.

I.  Open a notepad and write .LOG in capital letter and save it in any name.

II. Now the next time when you will open it you will see the time and date information has been automatically saved in to the file.

III. This will be helpful when you need to track the date and time information. No need to save the date  and time manually.

(2) Easily translate a website into your own language

Go to Google translator and type the website URL you want to translate in the left side text area. Then choose the language according your need. Google will create an link to the website in the right side text area. Click on it, you will see that the entire website has been converted to your language.

Translate a website into your own laguage

(3) It is not mandatory to type the URL in browser’s address bar

You can also open Google by typing the URL in your windows explorer instead of Internet Explorer. Open your My Computer and type your URL in the address bar, press enter and surprisingly you will see the website will open in internet explorer. This is not so much amazing but still a hidden trick which we did not know.

Type URL in windows explorer

(4) See your entire directory structure in command prompt

Open your command prompt and type tree , then press enter and see what happens. Your entire directory structure will be displayed in a beautiful tree view.

(5) Save your command prompt output in a text file

If you feel bore to read a lengthy output in command prompt then here is very good trick by which you can save the output of command prompt in a text file.
  • Enter your command, then provide one greater than symbol and then write the path of the text file where you want to save the output.
    ipconfig > d:saveData.txt 
  • If you want your output to be appended in an existing file then provide the greater than symbol 2 times.Example: systeminfo >> d:saveData.txt

Save the output of command prompt in a text file

(6) How to view your detail system information

You can see your detail system information including Hardware information, Different components, Display, Drivers, Ports, Storage, USB, Printing, Software environment, Network, Sound device, Modem, CD-ROM and many more. Just type System Information in start menu and click on the search result. You will get the detail information about your PC.

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