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Google Mirror – elgooG

What is elgooG ?

elgooG is a mirror website of Google’s original website. This website was developed by another funny website called All too Flat. Since many years this site has been regularly updated by the developers just to reflect the recent changes in the original Google’s website.

Visit elgooG website. Actually in this site everything appears to be in the reverse order. “Google Search” and “I’m feeling lucky” buttons also appears to be in the reverse order. You will type from right to left. Just visit the website to believe my words.

Other similar pages

There are some other similar pages present in the same website. Those have been listed below.  

Google Terminal
In this page you can do Google search in a command prompt like interface. 
After you search for something, the result will come and you need to choose from the keyboard which search result you want to open.

Google Underwater
Here Google floats on water and you can see sharks and other fishes underwater. A very beautifully designed interface.
If you search for something you can see all the search results sink down.


In Google gravity you will see everything falls down. If you search for something then the results will also fall down.
Go to this website rotator and search for any URL and press enter. You will see that the entire webpage will be converted into a mirror image.

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