Facebook Funny Interesting Techniques Tricks

Facebook Hidden Tricks

Everyday we open our Facebook but still don’t know these tricks. These 2 are really interesting. 

1. How to send someone’s photo in the chat box

  • Send photo in chat boxWe always chat with dozens of friends everyday but still don’t know this. While chatting with somebody you can send someone’s photo in the chat. This is very easy.
  • Just type [[Your Facebook user ID]] and press enter in the chat box. You will see a small cute picture will appear in the chat box.
  • For example if you will type [[harishankar.das1]] you will see my photo.
  • If you don’t know how to find your userID then click here.
  • If you want to get other’s Facebook ID then click on his/her photo, you will go to his/her profile page, in the URL his/her user ID will be present.

 2. Amazing Facebook languages

Just go to bottom of your Facebook page, you will find a link of your language. Lets say if you are from India the default language is English. Click on the link, you will find the following window.
English (Pirate) and English (Upside Down)

In the above window you will find three more options for English. Just Click on the two amazing English (pirate) and English (Upside Down) languages and see what happens. I will not tell you everything. Just check it and see what happens. In my case the following happens.

English (Pirate)
English (Pirate)

English (Upside Down)
English (Upside Down)
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