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Magic Camera ! ! !

(Submitted by Saurav Misra)

Your cell phone camera can see but you can not see that !
A mobile phone and a TV remote 
1. What is this ?

Hey its a normal TV/AC remote controller and a normal cell phone with camera.

Infrared LED light
2. What is this ?

This is the Infrared LED of your TV/AC remote. 

3. Now you do one thing-Just press any button of your remote and see the light in your naked eye. Are you able to see the LED flashing light?

LED Flash captured through camera
4. Now you turn ON your cell phone camera and see the LED through your camera and press any button of the remote. Now you will be able to see the light is glowing.
5. By using this technique you can check your remote battery or the remote buttons are working or not.

Is not it really amazing  ? ? ? ?

Thanks !
Saurav Misra

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