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Download your entire Facbook Profile in a zip file

Now you can download your entire Facebook profile in a zip file. Don’t you believe it ? But it is true. You can download your entire wall, all of your photos, all your friend lists and all your messages which you have received or have sent to somebody. You can browse through all of them even if you are offline. I can show you an example. Just look at my profile.

My downloaded profile
I have downloaded my entire profile to my local disc. Now even I will be offline I can view all my wall posts, photos, Friends, messages etc.

What advantages you will get ?
  • You can keep a copy of your Facebook in your local drive.
  • You can know the groups you have added, your photos, messages etc. even you are offline.
  • You can even see the messages which you have sent before 9 months.
  • You will get detail data like to whom you had talk, when you had talk and what you had talk.
  • You can also see what was there on your wall 8 months before.
  • You will get all these features with about 1mb zip file. In my case it was 1mb. If you have added more photos then it may exceed 1 mb.
Here I am showing you one of my comment which I had sent in August 2011.

A comment which I had sent 9 months before

How will you download it ?

  • Just go to your Account Settings which is present at the top right corner. 
  • At the bottom of that page you will get an option called “Download copy of your Facebook data“. Click on it.
  • It will take 1-2 hours to gather all of your data. Here is the snapshot I am showing you.

Procedure to download your Facebook data
  • After all the data is gathered, Facebook will send a download link to your email.
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