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How to Set Conditional Formatting Icons in Google Spreadsheet

We say, one image worth 1000 words. Similarly visual representations are sometimes more meaningful than raw data. Conditional formatting is a life saving feature we find in spreadsheets. It allows to format cells based on some condition. In MS Excel, conditional formatting allows background colors, data bars, color scales and icon sets. Among all, icon …

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Browser Google sheets Informative Programming tricks

Desktop Notification From Browser Using Google Spreadsheet

These days many sites have implemented browser notification. Its a new HTML5 feature which can show a quick alert on desktop. Of course users have to first allow the permission for the desktop notification to be displayed. You can see browser supports for notifications here .What a Browser Notification displays ?A notification is a small …

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Education Google sheets

How to Use Google Sheets for Kindergarten Kids in an Interactive Way

Now a days Google Spreadsheet is much more useful than we have ever thought. Sheet formulae and script editors are making it even more powerful.Today we can use Google Spreadsheet as a database, project management dashboards, employees time sheet, sales sheet and many more. Its amazing collaboration features is really helpful.Today in this post we …

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