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Create PDF For Each Row In Google Spreadsheet

Have you ever come across a situation, where you need to generate PDF for each row in Google Spreadsheet. Imagine below scenarios. You have an online shop, after customer purchases an item you may require to send pre-filled ordered data in a particular template. Schools and Universities send score cards to students where the template format is same for all, only the value changes. Likewise in case of invitation cards, same template is sent to different email ids and different addresses. In organisation visiting cards for employees can be generated in the similar passion. There are dozens of use cases.

Google Doc Generator

The easiest way to deal such cases is to create a template and populate it with data in Spreadsheet. Here we are talking about Google Spreadsheet. Data will be replaced by the placeholders in template and for each row new Google docs will be created. We can even create PDF and send emails to recipients. The best part is that you can design the template with many features like images, tables, all types of text formattings and colors, with all the features present in the Google doc. Format always remains intact no matter what you change.

How it works ?

  • Create a template with Google Docs. 
  • Put the placeholders in proper place. Use column name of the data as placeholder.
    e.g. {{Name}}, {{City}}
  • For each row present in the spreadsheet, a new Google doc/PDF will be created.
  • Placeholders will be replaced by data values.
  • Each PDF can be sent in email to corresponding user.
Basic (V1)
Advanced (V2)
Pro (V3)
Create Google docs for each row in Spreadsheet
Support formula in sheet
Support templating via Google Docs
Generate PDF files
Send PDF in Email to coreesponding users

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