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Store Data in Google Spreadsheet in Encrypted Format

It’s very difficult to remember many things which we need on daily basis like passwords, FTP credentials or any other secret data etc. Also it is very dangerous to save those data directly somewhere. We sometimes store our credentials in Google Spreadsheet. But is it really secure ?

You never know when somebody peep into your sheets and your data is leaked. So to overcome this problem, we have designed an awesome tool using Google Spreadsheet. Here data will be stored in your Spreadsheet in the encrypted format. It's fully secured as there is a master password which encrypts your data. This is something like protecting a Google Spreadsheet with password as you are password protecting each cells of Google Spreadsheet.

Password Manager Demo

Data Encryption

This tool has been developed with Google Apps Script and JavaScript. The basic principle of data security is to never store the original data anywhere and this tool follows the same principle. Your original data is encrypted with powerful encryption technique AES before being stored in Google Spreadsheet.

Writing data to spreadsheet should be done through the script. The script shows very easy to understand popup where you can fill data and provide the master password. Your data will be encrypted with Advanced Encryption Standard. You can also update the data later by providing the master password.


  • Integrated with Google spreadsheet
  • Encrypt your data before saving to sheet
  • Original data is never stored so no issue with getting somebody peep into the spreadsheet revisions and histories
  • One click data encryption and decryption with master password
  • Bulk encrypt and decrypt
  • Export your data to CSV anytime

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Basic (Version1)
Advanced (Version2)
Encrypt/Decrypt with master password
Customizing spreadsheet
Update/Delete existing rows
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Export data to CSV