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Send Notification Email If a Cell is Changed in Google Spreadsheet

The live collaboration feature has turned the Google Spreadsheet into an awesome spreadsheet tool. We share our spreadsheets to multiple people with different level of access. Many times it happens that we want to be get notified when a cell in a specific range is updated. We need that updated value to be emailed to us. We may need the entire row or entire column or a custom range data in the notification email. Keeping all these in mind we have created a script which will do this job.

How it works ?

The script is made with Google Apps Script. There is an onEdit trigger which is triggered once the sheet is updated. You can set a required range with A1 notation (lets say A2:E15). Hence, the trigger will work only if the edited cell lies in the required boundary.

Notification Data

Settings and configurations:

Following parameters you can configure in your script.

  1. REQUIRED_RANGE – The range to track. If the edited cell lies in this range  the notification will be sent.
  2. EMAIL_RECIPIENT – The email address to whom the notification will be sent.
  3. EMAIL_CONTENT_TYPE – What to send in the notification, entire row/entire column/custom range data.
  4. CUSTOM_RANGE – Range data to be sent in the notification email
  5. EMAIL_SUBJECT – Subject line of the notification email
  6. SHOW_LAST_MODIFIED – Takes true/false. Decides whether to display an inline note in a cell about its last modified time.

The body of the email contains the range data with edited cell highlighted.

Notification Data

Purchase and download

Basic (V1)
Advanced (V2)
Pro (V3)
Send notification email YES* YESYES
*Content of the email Only the edited cell content Can be the entire row, entire column, edited cell content or a custom range Can be the entire row, entire column, edited cell content or a custom range 
Show last modified time YES YESYES
Customize email parameters like to and subject YES YESYES
Cell value change based on formula No NoYES

Customization and modifications

It may possible that you will need some additional customizations on the script to make it fit to your need. You can always request us for a customizations. Drop an email at we will reply you within 24 hours. Example: Copying a range to another sheet, creating a new spreadsheet or creating an event in Google Calendar once a cell is edited