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Browse Your Google Drive Files in Column View

Today, cloud has taken over then entire world. We love to store data in cloud rather than in personal computer. Data in cloud is easily accessible everywhere. Google Drive is my favourite cloud storage platform, which has  gained a lot of popularity in recent years. It offers a pretty good free quota to start with. But today's topic is not about storage, rather we will see some ways to view and access our Google Drive files.

View your files in columns

We have created a script which can help you to view your Google Drive files in columnar layout. This is useful to quickly view deeply nested files and to switch to another folder.

Are you a developer ? Visit the GitHub link to find details about code and deployment instructions.

Google Drive bonus tips

  • How to count number of files in a Google Drive folder
    Google Drive does not display the number of files in a folder, but there is definitely a workaround. Just select the files (In Windows it is Ctrl+A), click and drag slightly. Now it will start showing you number of files at your cursor.

  • View list of available shortcut keys
    Simply press "?" (shift+/) and you can see all shortcut key available. I never realized this exists. Really cool. There is a shortcut to see the last toast message that has appeared on your screen. Press m and check what you observe. If you do not see any message it means you have not performed any action. Do some actions like star a file or rename it, then press m to see the message. Helpful when you forgot the last action you did or accidentally did some changes.

  • Change density
    Double pressing q will allow you to change the density of data on your screen. Impressive!