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Submit HTML Contact Forms in Google Spreadsheet with Notification Email

We use contact forms in our websites and blogs. These are the best and the quickest way our visitors can remain in touch with us. Basically they do two tasks, they store the submitted data in DB and send a notification email to the admin. As we all use Google Spreadsheet and Gmail, so it will be really helpful if we can combine an html contact form, Google Spreadsheet & Gmail. Google Spreadsheet helps us to quickly visualize the tabular data and manipulate them.

Keeping all this in mind we have created a script which can now help you to link an html form with a Google Sheet and to send a notification email to the admin with the form content.

How it works ?

Technically every form has a target attribute and when a form is submitted, the data are sent to that target URL. In our script we will send the form content to Google Spreadsheet with ajax. That means the form will be submitted in the background but the page won’t be refreshed. Our script is made up of Google Apps Script which acts as a listener for the form submission and the same sends the notification as well.

Key Features

  • Send form data to Google Spreadsheet
  • Send notification email to admin with form data
  • configure whether to append the new row at the beginning or end
  • Ability to configure the subject line with templating feature
  • If the form has an email parameter, you can set it as a replyTo parameter, so that when the admin will reply on the notification email it will be sent to the original sender

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