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IP Location Tracker Bookmarklet Created Using REST API

Internet Protocol addresses, in short IP addresses are the numeric addresses assigned to computers in a network to recognise them. These are used to track the location of a computer in a network. Webmasters and site owners always deal with IP addresses. Although there are some sites available in internet for IP look up, we have created this one click solution to get the location of an IP.

How this works ?

The heart of this bookmarklet is<your ip address goes here> API. Just append the ip address in the API and hit in your browser, that's it. You will get the response in JSON format. For more details about API visit  By using this API we have created a bookmarklet.

Bonus tips: To know your current IP location you can hit in your browser. Simply bookmark this url and the next time you need your own IP this will help.

The parameter which the API will return after a successful request are :

  • AS
  • CITY
  • ISP
  • LAT
  • LON
  • ORG
  • ZIP

How to setup and use ?

  • To setup the bookmarklet drag above "IP Tracker" to bookmark bar. For more details visit "How to show bookmarks bar in browser ? " section of Extract All Emails From a Webpage Using Bookmarklet.
  • Select an IP you want to track the location
  • Click on the bookmarklet you just created on your bookmark bar, it will automatically call the API and will show you the details
  • If nothing is selected, it will ask for the IP in a prompt.

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