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How to Manage Browser Cookies : View, Edit & Delete Cookies ?

What are Cookies, I mean Internet Cookies ? Cookies are the small piece of data in the key value format stored in web browser, which are sent from browser to server when we visit sites in internet. When we open a website or authenticate something, data are stored in the cookies in the web client, so that the servers can read the data back from web client when needed. These are needed to for handling sessions and to identify the user.

How cookies are stored ?

Do you know how to view cookies ? Computer cookies are stored in our browser with some properties . For viewing the cookie (Chrome).

  1. Right click on the browser
  2. Inspect Element
  3. Go to Resources
  4. Go to Cookies

You can see the below properties in each internet cookies. All are optional.

  • expires : A cookie has an expiry date on which it get expires
  • path : Indicates the directory path to which the cookie belongs. If a cookie is created with no path specified it belongs to the current page.
  • domain : Indicates the domain to which the cookie belongs. If a cookie is created with no domain, the domain of the current page will be applied
  • secure : If a cookie is a HTTP only cookie then it can not be accessed from browser javascript.

Cookie Manager Bookmarklet

It is sometimes essential for developers to view/manage cookies stored in browsers. Though anyone can view cookies as mentioned in above steps but we have created an one-click solution. It is even easier for a layman to view and delete cookies. You just need to drag this bookmarklet to your browser's bookmark bar, that's it. When you visit a site you can click on the bookmarklet to view the cookies. Not all cookies are editable in browser. The httpOnly cookies can be edited only by the servers and cannot be changed from JavaScript. 

Manage Cookie

Cookie Manager Bookmarklet

How cookies can be accessed from JavaScript ?

Cookied can be created as follow. You can even omit the path. If path is not provided cookies will be created for currently opened path.

To delete a cookie just set the value to blank and the expiry date to an past date

Advantages of this bookmarklet

  • Quick Setup
  • Cross Browser
  • Can be used by just one click.
  • You can view cookies, clear cookies and edit cookies just with a single click

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