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Extract All Emails From a Webpage Using Bookmarklet

Bookmarklets are the small javascript programs stored in the bookmarks bar. It does small tasks when clicked. It is platform independent, very easy to handle and can be run in any browser. To run a bookmarklet  you just need to drag the bookmarklet to the bookmark bar. 

How to show bookmarks bar in browser ?

  • Firefox : Go to hamburger menu icon → Customize → Show/Hide Toolsbars → Bookmarks Toolbar
  • Chrome : Go to hamburger menu icon → Bookmarks → Show Bookmarks Bar
  • Opera: Go to Menu (on the top left) → Bookmarks → Show Bookmarks Bar
  • Safari : Go to View → Show Bookmarks Sidebar

How this bookmarklet works ?

Bookmarklets are similar to bookmarks but have a javascript code instead of URL in the background. It can be saved and used as a normal bookmark. Bookmarklets are not browser specific but extensions are browser specific. We have created a very handy tool which will extract all the emails present in a webpage. You just need to drag the below URL and drop in your bookmark bar. Go to the page from which you want to extract the emails and click on the Extract Email link. It reads the entire HTML content and applies regular expression on it to filter out the emails.

Extract Emails

If you want to extract all the emails from an Excel Spreadsheet Click Here

Extract Options


  • Quick Setup
  • Cross Browser
  • Can be used by just one click.
  • Provides the unique emails present in the webpage

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