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Analyse Paragraph In Google Docs With Sentiment

Sentiment analysis is the process of categorising a sentence or a paragraph.This is required to determine the intention of the writer towards a particular topic. In a paragraph there can be positive, negative or neutral words. Sometimes adding a negative  word before a negative sentiment makes the sentence positive. 
While writing an article, an author must know the overall sentiment of his writings. One way to do this is by calculating the sentiment of each word and then summing up, which is very time taking and lengthy. Here is a tool which will now make your task simpler when we use Google docs. You just need to install the add-on and it will show the overall sentiment along with the score. It is very much required while writing a mail/note to a senior person or publishing any article .

How It Works ?

  • Install the Add-on.
  • Open your Google docs for analysing the sentiment
  • Go to Add-ons → Sentiment Analysis → Analyse sentiment
  • Select whether to analyse  Selected paragraphs or Entire document  → Start Analysis

Sentiment Analysis


  • Detail Report : It will show you the words which holds negative sentiments and the words which are positive along with their individual score
  • Export to Sheets : It will export aggregate sentiment with score and detailed report analysis to a spreadsheet

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