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Extract Facebook Posts and Comments to CSV with MS Excel

Data becomes more meaningful when we try to analyze and visualize it. Sometime it also helps in our business and taking strategic decision. There are plenty of data in our Facebook pages and posts. Sometimes we may need to extract the data such as pages, posts and comments to CSV. Once they come to spreadsheet we can perform some additional textual analysis on them and can plot a graph out of it. So to help you in this process, we have created a small utility with MS Excel which can extract the data out of your Facebook pages and posts.

What you can do with this utility

  • Extract pages
    You can extract ID, Name and Category of all Facebook pages for which you are the owner.
  • Extract posts
    You can extract textual data of Facebook posts from a page you own or from your own Facebook profile. This option will bring you post ID, Message and Created time of a post. To extract posts from a page you will need the "page id". You can get the page id from previous step.

  • Extract comments
    Comments to a post can also be extracted to CSV. You can only extract comments from a posts which has been posted in any of your pages or your own profile. This option will bring you the Message, Commented by and Created time.

​What you can do with the data

  • You can trace out the most popular post of 2015.
  • User's opinion on a given post can be tracked.
  • You can perform sentiment analysis on comments given by users.
  • Number of links you have shared in last year.
  • Post during what season brought more attention.
  • The post which others disliked the most.

Purchase and Download

You can purchase "Posts and Comments Extractor" from the below link. Its cost is only $15

After you get access to the app, download it. Then you can start using it. For any query drop a comment at support@tabgraf.com