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How to Send Email From Gmail with JavaScript

Many times it is needed to send emails programmatically from JavaScript. So here is a beautiful way we present to send emails from your Gmail with JavaScript using Google Apps Script. You don't need to go through any OAuth process. This is very simple, straight forward, easy to use and needs zero programming skills to implement.

Notification Data

What it can do ?

  • Easy to use API to send email with JavaScript and Google Apps Script
  • You can set different email parameters like to, cc, bcc, subject and body dynamically
  • Supports HTML content in the email body
  • Send emails with both HTTP GET and POST as per requirement
  • All emails are sent through your Gmail account
  • Can send the same email to multiple people at a time. The recipient's address should be separated with comma.
  • You can track all emails (those have been sent), from your Gmail account's sent folder
  • The front-end code is very light weight and uses only Jquery


You can purchase the script and instruction guide from below.

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Let's see a demo video

Some of its limitation

  • It can not send attachments
  • It uses Google Apps Script to send emails from your Gmail account. So there are limitations on number of emails you can sent per day per account.
  • The limits are as follows (as on 9th Mar 2015) 
      Consumer Google Apps (free) Google Apps for Business
    Email Body Size 200 kB/msg 200 kB/msg 400 kB/msg
    Email Recipients 100 / day 100 / day 1500 / day
    Email Recipients Per Message 50 / msg 50 / msg 50 / msg
  • For more detail and recent information visit and click on the tab "Quota Limits"

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  1. Hello I have a problem, I acquired the API, I bought it through PayPal, and I received the API product satisfactorily, but at the time of executing it as the indications, they point me, I return an error on line 22 of the API and I refer to your code, you could help me, the mail with which I made the payment and also with the one who shared the project is, help me.

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