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Extract your Google Drive Files and Folder Collaborators to CSV

We keep a lot of files in Google Drive. It is a place where we can collaborate with other people to get the work done. We can share files & folders to many people, we can give them editor access or read only access. Eventually the list of collaborators in our files/folders increases and at times it goes beyond our capacity to manage them. Sometimes we try to find out who can view our files, who can edit it and of course we may also need to change editors to viewers and vice versa.

Keeping that in mind we are launching a beautiful product Sharing List Manager, which can extract all your editors and viewers list of your Google Drive files and folders.

List of features

  • Extract sharing list
    You can export Google Drive files and folders list to Google Spreadsheet as shown below. You have to select values from the drop down to filter out files and folders.

    Extract Options

  • Add editors, viewers and change owners
    You can directly add editors/viewers by clicking on the icons present at the top right. You can even change the owner by providing the email address of the new owner.
  • Sending an email directly to collaborators
    Once the export is done you can go to Sharing List (menu) → Manage. It will show you a popup where you need to provide the row number to take action. Then select a user from the list and choose "Send an email to selected users" from the drop down. Using this feature you can also email collaborators of a folder.

    Take Action
  • Changing selected users to viewers
    Changing editors to viewers is even easier. Select the list of editors from the table and choose corresponding value from the drop down.
  • Changing selected users to editors
    If you want some viewers to edit your file, you can grant them edit access just with a single click. Really a beautiful feature indeed.
  • Giving all users no-access
    You can remove all users from the list of collaborators just with a single click. Select those users and choose "Remove selected users from collaborator list" from the drop down.

Purchase and download

You can purchase Sharing List Manager from below link. Its cost is only $29.99 (limited time offer) with a lot of essential and awesome features.

After you get the app, go to File→ Make a copy…Then you can start using it. For any query drop a comment at