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Verify User’s Email After Form Gets Submitted

We create web forms for conducting polls, surveys and other contact purposes. Sometimes we ask users for their email in the web forms so that we can easily contact them later. As long as a web form is public, anybody can come and submit the form. Many a times we see, people fill random or invalid data in the email field. If such cases happen we face problem and can’t write back to them. To know the real users, simple process is verify users email.

Verify Email

Now Google form is the most popular platform for creating web forms because of its simplicity and integration with Google Drive. But in Google form there is no default option to verify an email’s ownership. Here is a small app we have created using Google App Script which can help you to verify your user’s email. This app supports all basic features present in Google form and in addition to that you can even enable user’s email verification by which people get their email verified themselves.


  • All basic web form features
    You can create all types of input fields such as textbox, textarea, dropdown, checkbox, radio button etc. very easily. Providing the dropdown values is even easier. Simply you need to put comma separated values in the corresponding cell in the spreadsheet and it will automatically appear in the web from.
  • Required fields(*) and form validation
    Mentioning a field as a required field will enable the form validation for that particular input. Users can’t submit blank values for those field(s). To declare a field as a required field, simply choose the inline cell drop down either Yes/No in the spreadsheet. Yes, it is that simple !
  • Email verification
    You can set email verification enabled in the configuration sheet. There can be two types of email verification. 

    verified method

  • Random key method
    In this method a random key will be sent to user’s email ID and she/he has to provide the key to get his/her email verified.
  • By sending verification url
    In this method a url will be sent to user’s email. To get their email verified, users simply need to click on that link.
  • Customizable form
    You can fully customize your form even headers and footers. In the footer section you can provide your own company’s name and other info as you need. In the header section a suitable title can be given.

Purchase and Download

You can purchase the script and instruction guide from below.

If you need any additional customisation drop an email at, you can expect a response within 24 hours.

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