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Conduct e-Exam For Your Students With MS Excel

Many schools, institutes and teachers are trying to provide interactive class rooms to their students. Along with traditional paper-pen exams if you conduct some computerized tests then it definitely improves your student's interest towards your subject. So keeping that in view we have created an e-Exam program in Excel which can help you to conduct computerized exams very easily for your students. Teachers can set questions and distribute the spreadsheets to different students. Students will provide their name to start the exam. Scores will be immediately calculated after the exam completes.

Student view of e-exam program

There is a separate view for teachers where they can set new questions, delete previously entered questions and set timer if they want.

List of attractive features

  • Simple and clear student's interface
    We have kept the students interface very simple because they should always concentrate on exam rather than on colors. They need to provide their name to begin the exam. Once they exam is started, the start time gets recorded so nobody can cheat. Students can come back to any question to change their previously entered answers during the exam.
  • Separate window for teachers
    Teachers (admin) can set questions in a separate window. Password is required to enter into this section. So unauthorized people can't open the admin window. They can set new questions/answers, can delete questions and modify as well.
  • Exam with timers
    Teachers can create two types of exam
    1. Exam with timer
    2. Exam without timer.
    If they create exam with timer, they need to set maximum time allowed(minutes) for the exam. Student's answers will be automatically submitted if the maximum allowed time is reached during the exam.
  • Automatic score calculation
    Students answers will be automatically evaluated after they submit their responses. They can see correctness of each question in a separate sheet and their total scores. All these calculations are done almost instantly.

How to download

There are two different sample versions for e-exam with timer and without timer. Download and verify their functionality. They have been provided just to confirm whether they suite your needs.

Both of above versions are password protected. You can only view existing questions. If you like above program then you can do the payment from below link. It's price is only $10.99. After your payment is confirmed we will send you the password/unlocked version.

Download here

Note: Indian users those who can't buy through PayPal can also do the payment by direct bank to bank money transfer. Contact us at to know more.