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Live Discussion – Is Page Rank Really Important for Sites and Blogs ?

Just before a week we have conducted a live discussion regarding Page Rank. Rounak and Prakash were the participants. There were two judges, Rounak was the winner and awarded 550 Indian Rupees as a prize money. Here is the snippet of their discussion. Hope you enjoy it !
1Admin  21:12:18
Today’s topic is about “Is Page Rank really important for sites and blogs ?”
2Rounak  21:16:12
For me it is important and non important both way .
3Admin  21:16:39
Ok lets start the discussion my first question will be
What does PR (Page Rank) really mean and why such concept was introduced ?
4Rounak  21:18:19
PR or Pagerank is a score of every website / etc in its index based on the bases of the number of websites/blogs linking to the main domain / some page of the domain and the relative quality of these links. PageRank scores are given a Highest of 10 and a Lowest of N-A (No PageRank) as per Google . PR was introduced to cut down all the spam sites SERP by giving High PR > High SERP to the top rated site and low to the spam sites .
5Rounak  21:22:08
So actually PR was introduced to help out Good quality sites to maintain their SERP (Search Engine Result Postion / Page ). But later it also got spammed and BlackHated by webmasters . But still somehow I feel it is stil a important thing for newbie bloggers . But for professionals it actually dont mean a lot , But still it is important as we get most of our traffic from Google only .
6Prakash  21:23:22
Page Rank is a system of ranking pages introduced by google. In this ranking, a page is ranked with respect to its relevancy.
A page which is linked from several high quality( and relevant) web pages is considered more trustworthy and is worthy of a high Page Rank.
That means, the more the page is reliable and trustworthy, higher is it’s Page Rank ( Or PR)
7Admin  21:24:53
who were affected badly in recent PR update and why ?
8Prakash  21:25:30
One might say, Why actually PR was introduced? Well, since PR denotes the trustworthiness and hence, the quality of a page, it not only made the ranking for the Google easier, but more relevant and correct.
9Admin  21:27:31
Ok please answer my second question 🙂
10Prakash  21:30:22
Google is very strict about its search rankings. It always makes sure that whatever is represented as best, needs to be best.

Recently, few bloggers/webmasters tried to make their websites more valuable ( and increase their PR) and increase the rankings in search engines by buying links ( and in some way, not providing quality content), they were badly affected by Google.

They tried to trick Google by showing that their page is relevant and trustworthy ( even if it really wasn’t), which made them suffer bad.

11Rounak  21:30:51
Mostly all the low quality site and dropped domain got affected by recent PR update but Actually not only low spammy sites but also Highly reputed site got affected . Because the Highly reputed site admin thought the PR update is dead so it is their time to make some money of their PR by taking Paid posts as much as possible and they started linking to the low quality sites which effected their PR badly .
12Admin  21:32:27
For which type of blogger PR matters ?
13Prakash  21:35:31
From this trick that black hat webmasters tried, the real and authentic articles/posts which actually deserved to be in the higher rankings were falling down.
This was one of the things which Google has always hated; not providing the best results ( since google is best search engine, it has to always live upto the title it is provided with). So, the webmasters had to inevitably suffer!
14Admin  21:39:24
please answer my next question
15Rounak  21:40:29
I guess anyone agrees or not PR actually matters to all !

For some bloggers PR means everything .
and For some other bloggers PR is just a “Thing” from what they get a somehow traffic .

The first type of bloggers are actually not blogger but a Paid link seller . They just buys sites to make some DA > Then make a blog on it . And then just sell Paid posts in it !! These type of blogger gets really affected by PR update and for them PR matters (Not actually but to sell paid posts )

The second type of bloggers are real bloggers who works their ass off to give relevant content to their loyal readers . They priors more on Readership , Traffic , Social sharing and all . They just uses the PR to see other websites if those are good enough to read on :p
16Prakash  21:40:38
If a blogger wants two things, then he needs PR:

1. Guest Posts: If a blogger wants guest posts in his/her blog, then he/she will have to have high PR.
Guest Posting is all about sharing links and doing healthy blogging( Remember: Don’t ever sell links for PR, In the long run, it is going to hurt you!)

2. For search engine rankings: Even if People at google developers say that nearly around 200 factors are taken into account before ranking in search engines, PR still tops the list. High PR simply means faster indexing and, in a way, a faster ranking and thus a higher ranking.
17Admin  21:41:38
How SEO & SERP are related to PR ? What is your view ?
18Rounak  21:43:16
The second type of bloggers also needs PR to secure their rankings in Google but not by spamming other sites but by sharing relevant infos to reader by which other reputed sites links them :)Because they dont only relies on PR but they have many places where they gets their LEADS like email list , social sharing etc etc .
19Prakash  21:45:28
SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) is few lists of things a blogger does to make his/her blog articles to rank on the top list of search engines.
Page Rank has a close connection with SEO. A higher page rank definitely makes good SEO. however, one need not forget that there are so many factors ( like URL optimization, social shares, overall blog optimization, crawlability), that help the articles rank in search engines.
20Prakash  21:46:34
SERP is in a same way related to Page Rank . A higher Page rank is better for SERPS. However, it’s not only the only factor.
21Prakash  21:47:15
There are over 200 factors and if you don’t have high PR, you simply have 200 other factors to help you. It’s simple as that.

22Admin  21:49:08
So in a discussion those who are late to submit their views may not get good scores
23Prakash  21:49:20
Some bloggers value PR too much for SEO and SERP and that’s too bad.
Bloggers need to realise that PR just shows the relevancy of an article ( from the number of trustworthy sites that link to it), nothing else.
There is some relation there; it certainly helps, but it certainly isn’t everything and a thing that makes decision everytime
24Rounak  21:49:43
SEO and SERP are a BIG term .

PR is actually a Google ranking . So PR only affects Google SERP not Bing / Yahoo or others (There is a misconception that PR means good ranking on Bing / yahoo and other search engines also . but no PR only effects Google SERP)

So if you talk about Google then yes SEO is related to PR . Like if you get links from High reputed (PRed) sites , get good social sharing etc then you “MIGHT” get a good PR .

But if you talk about SERP (of GOOGLE) then now a days PR is not so high factor for SERP . Author rank , Page optimization , Ad placement , Content placement etc etc now plays a big role in SERP of Google now . PR is getting minor attention in Google SERP . But still it is a factor what google checks but a least one .
25Admin  21:51:28
People are selling high PR domains in very less price, then why we should start from the begining ?
26Rounak  21:51:32
@Admin actually writing in a discussion takes some time as we try to open all the things we know in small lines 🙂
27Admin  21:52:51
@Rounak and Prakash if at any time you see any blank comment you can refresh the page.
28Prakash  21:53:06
Some bloggers need to be aware that PR is only a thing that shows how TRUSTWORTHY and RELEVANT their site is and nothing else.
SEO PR and SERP are related. They change one another. However, one need not forget that there are lot of other things to be taken care as well.
PR may help; it increases rankings, but it never makes the decision
29Prakash  21:53:15
Some bloggers need to be aware that PR is only a thing that shows how TRUSTWORTHY and RELEVANT their site is and nothing else.
SEO PR and SERP are related. They change one another. However, one need not forget that there are lot of other things to be taken care as well.
PR may help; it increases rankings, but it never makes the decision
30Prakash  21:54:46
So, In my view, PR, SERP and SEO are interhandedly related; they work together but they single handedly ruin the other; which unfortunately most blogger believe
31Prakash  21:54:54
So, In my view, PR, SERP and SEO are interhandedly related; they work together but they single handedly ruin the other; which unfortunately most blogger believe
32Admin  21:55:33
@Prakash thats true
but what u say about me next question “People are selling high PR domains in very less price, then why we should start from the begining ?”
33Rounak  21:56:05
And as per Google SEO is getting dead day by day so as Pagerank . So in future years we might see PR and SEO is nothing but a factor which we use to look for SERPs . Then only content and content will work . So if you have a long term plan then you might be start stop worrying much about PR and more about contents which will automatically boost your author rank and get your articles high in SERP soon in near days 🙂
34Admin  21:59:12
There was a huge gap between the last PR update and its previous. What you would like to say about it ? Is the PR alogorithm is going to shutdown ?
35Prakash  22:01:02
Blogging is a great art. Only some people can perform it very well.
It requires patience, persistence and always testes you. If it’s your hobby, you are going to enjoy it too much.

Some domains have already high PR; we can certainly buy them and start a blog, but wait, does it really help?
one word answer- NO!
Because the true/genuine blogging is slow, it is building the trust slowly and making the base strong rather than jumping once and falling just the another second.
Recently, all the fake domains which had high PR went to 0.
IT will be a big loss, so you need not do that.
Once again, blogging is all about patience and persistence.

36Admin  22:03:06
@Prakash I agree to your point. Please put your view for my next question
37Prakash  22:04:57
There certainly was a big gap between last PR and this PR update, which frustrated most of the bloggers. Google knows why that happened. Bur I believe they did it to check who actually really stands genuine till the end. That’s why they penalised who gave up at the begining and started doing black hat stuffs.

But it isn’t certainly going to shut down. If we actually see the history, it is what skyrocketed the search performance of Google.
So, No.
( That may happen only if google finds the alternative, which does not seem possible very soon. Because the web has been, in a way, built in the PR system that google uses)
38Admin  22:06:08
@Prakash how you know that Google did it just because Google wants to know who is really genuine !
39Prakash  22:11:14
@ admin:
As already mentioned; Google is considered best and to live up to that title google is going to do anything; any imaginable thing possible.

Google is also strict about it’s ranking policy. It always makes sure whatever is ranked best; actually needs to be best.

Another thing is only genuine bloggers blog by seeing long term effects; it’s not like they blog for 2 months than start doing black hat stuffs; they do it for years and do with quality. That’s why Google likes to trust them and award them

So, to sum up, Google did this to check the genuinity; to really save what is important to web; to really show what is important and finally, to always be trustworthy ( and people use it without any doubt)

40Admin  22:13:06
So one final question to both:
The PR algorithm is completely based on toolbar. But most of the normal people don’t use toolbars.
Generally its use is limited to bloggers and website owners. Then it is not altogether valid to value a site based on its PR. What you say about it ?
41Prakash  22:17:20
AS already mentioned, Google is considered best. To live up to the tile, it really has to be best.
SO, whenever google ranks something as best; it actually really needs to be best.

On other hand, Genuine and true bloggers always provide quality content. It is black hat bloggers, who at first try to provide quality and then start doing black stuffs.
But genuine bloggers are always there providing quality stuff no matter what.
But Genuine bloggers always provide real quality stuffs
Google had a PR update because it really wanted to check who was genuine.
It did this because ( as already mentioned) google always wants to be best. Google did this because by doinfg this google has removed unnecessary stuffs, saved what is really important and in a way increased it’s own value.

Google did this to live up to it’s title; a trustworthy. reliable and a best search engine
42Rounak  22:17:46
I might just answered your question a bit in my last comment . Actually if you have a short time plan ( Means that you want some quick ) then blogging is not for you my friend . Let me give you a easy way to make money . 1) Buy a high PR’ed domain in low price (You can buy either direct from Godaddy auutions / acutions etc or from some resellers) . 2) Then go do some commenting on WP comment enabled boxes with your website domain (No matter it is dofollow or nofollow) and make the comment relevant so that it gets approved . 3) Do some guest posts by this way in a month you will get a high DA also. SO now just approach a dealer and get paid posts for your blog and make money .! But if you really want to blog then I would just tell you to check my last comment and try to give your readers the best content they deserves . You might not get good traffic from first day . You migh not get a good money . But in future when PR would be dead you will see your site on the first page of most of your search results!
43Prakash  22:21:53
By checking the genuinty google actually saved what is really important to the web. It has to always provide what is relevant and what is of quality, which can only be expected from bloggers who are genuine and see things on the long run.
So, I think google did this to check genuinty because google has to show that it’s best, it’s something that people can trust by closing eyes ( that said, people will not have to check other search engines before confirming what is presented in Google)
44Admin  22:23:54
But prakash you did not answer my last question !
45Rounak  22:25:31
Actually PR algo is not based on toolbar . But pr toolbar is something what reflects the changes in PR by Google. As per Google PR actually changes all the day but it only reflects through the toolbar after google rolls out the update. So if you are making some links somehow from some reputed blog then you might see some good SERP results rightaway. But to reflect the change of PR in toolbar takes sometime
46Prakash  22:26:12
Sorry.. Just saw the final question

47Prakash  22:31:03
yes, yes and yes,
A PR is never a way to show a value of a website, never.
For example, see Pradeep Kumar’s website
Neil patel’s blog itself has decreased the value.
But nobody dares to say that they are not the best websites in the world.
Specially that of Neil Patel’s, ever blogger seem to follow it ( even the one with a blog with PR higher than quicksprout itself)
SO, PR is just a number.
What really matters in a blog is quality content and it’s importance on the web.
Has it added value to the web?
It yes, it’s valuable and nothing else.
48Prakash  22:33:17
So, valuing a website just from a PR is nothing but foolishness.
But one need not to forget that a good PR do shows some relevancy and trustworthiness, however!
49Admin  22:33:51
So lets wrap up the discussion here. What I concluded is, one should never try black hat techniques to have fake PR. If you build it naturally then it is good for your blog’s future and for long term goal.
50Rounak  22:34:33
And yup I agree most of our readers and user dont really have the PR toolbar or some third party extensions . Only we bloggers, webmasters use it. But it is actually not something what a user might be concerned at. They just goes to google for finding something and clicks on the links of the results
51Rounak  22:35:01
But to get that position on the result page We sometime need a good PR.
So I think it is valid to value a site in Google’s eye
52Prakash  22:35:53
yes, Long term blogging is what someone should always practice.
Patient and Persistent blogger is the winner blogger
53Admin  22:37:36
Ok, thanks to both of you. Rounak is winning in this discussion.
54Admin  22:40:50
Ok both of you did it well, thanks to judges and all audience. there was not a big difference between your scores. just a matter of 3 points.

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