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Automatic Back up Your Blog Easily With Google Docs

Every blogger understands how valuable their each contents are for them. It does not matter which platform you use, may it be Blogger or WordPress, your contents are never 100% secure. So regular backup of the blog is a must.As it is not always possible to manually backup your individual articles, I will explain how to take automatic back up of your blog easily with Google Docs.
Google Docs gives you 5GB of free space and it is sufficient to back up your entire blog. Moreover your data will be highly secure in Google's cloud.



How it works ?

  • When you provide your Home page URL in the Google Spreadsheet, it automatically crawls through your entire blog by following the hyperlinks present in each page.
  • Technically this is made possible by 2 timers running in background in the spreadsheet. One timer fetches the URL and crawls through the pages and the other exports the articles into Google Drive.
  • When it finds a new article, it fetches it's HTML and create a new file in your Google Drive with the title name as the name of the file.

How to do this ?

  • Create a new copy of this spreadsheet (Go to File → Make a copy…)
  • Just give 15 seconds to load the spreadsheet completely
  • Now you can start the application from menu bar.
  • Go to Back up your blog → Start
  • It will ask for your home page URL.
  • Provide your blog URL and you are done. It will start crawling through your blog and within 10 minutes you can see your exported articles in your Google Drive.

Note: Presently we have configured it only for Blogger. Those who are using Blogger can smoothly use it. Within some days we will also publish the next version compatible with  Wordpress 🙂

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