The Winners Name Declared for Our First Giveaway

Finally our first giveaway has come to a logical end. A long wait is over. On 5th May 2013 we had published our first giveaway and as per the schedule we are closing it and going to declare the winners list. This was our first giveaway and all the participants did well. Thanks a lot to participate in this unique giveaway which you would have ever seen. In future there will be more of this kind. So I request all of you to subscribe for our newsletter to get interesting stories right in your inbox.

Some words from me and the final result

The questions of this giveaway were related to SEO. Everything was my own experience. So you will never get the answers in Google. I know the questions were bit tough and the newbies have definitely faced problems in answering. But my only motto behind this unique type of giveaway was spreading some knowledge.

So those who are loosing this contest please don’t mind. You have definitely learned a lot. All the best for your bright future. And stay connected to get tuned.
The answers have been decided by us and they are final. We are not going to entertain any personal issue. However you can obviously ask us queries regarding the answers.

Two people have done extremely well and have really crossed my expectation. Both of them have got same score.

Mahaveer Verma8/10
Devagya Uikey8/10

I congratulate both of you for performing outstanding in the contest and scoring the highest result. 

Oops there is a tie

As per our planning there will be only one winner in this contest. So to break the tie we will have another tie breaker contest in which both of them will participate.

The tie breaker contest will be bit different. It will be conducted LIVE in internet means both the winners and me will come online at same time. I will be asking questions and they have to answer almost instantly. There will be again 10 questions. All of our conversation will be published on FunButLearn side by side. So those who are interested can come online to watch the Live conversations. The date and time of this contest will be published soon.

Final declaration of the winner will be on/before 10th June 2013.