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Export Your Gmails into Spreadsheet With Attachments

Hi there, we are back with a new version of Email Exporter. Those who do not know what the Email Exporter is, this is a small app written in Google Apps Script. Using this app you can export your Emails from Gmail to Spreadsheet. We generally try to modify a script when any of our visitors request us a new feature to add. You can have a look on our previous versions.

  1. Export Your Emails From Gmail into Excel or CSV
  2. Export Your Gmails into Spreadsheet With Their Labels

Pros and cons in the latest version

In our previous versions, you can export unlimited emails in a batch of 200. But in this version, that number has been shrunk to 100. This happened because exporting emails and saving it in Google drive takes a little time. So, if you are exporting more than 100, then it might cause time-out error. So it is better to export emails in a batch of 100. For example if you are going to export 1000 emails then export it in a batch of 100, it will never cause time-out as we have expected. 

Secondly our previous versions could not export attachments to Spreadsheet, where as in the new version you can avail this new feature.

Comparison among different versions:

Version Title Price Action
1.0 Export emails from Gmail to Excel or CSV $ 8.99 Visit
2.0 Export emails from Gmail to Excel or CSV with labels $ 9.99 Visit
3.0 Export emails from Gmail to Excel or CSV with labels & attachments $ 10.99
4.0 Export all emails from Gmail to Excel or CSV
(With advanced features, recommended for business users)
$38(Offer) Visit

If you still need to ask something urgently, then call us at +919778188086

How does it work

  • Lets everything be crystal clear and let me explain what exactly the script does
  • When you press the export button, the script starts reading your inbox
  • While reading emails it also checks for attachments associated with them
  • If any attachment found it makes a copy of it in a folder in your Google Drive
  • Then it extracts the URL, name of the file and store it in the Spreadsheet
  • If multiple attachments are associated with an email, the script copies all the files to Google drive and store their name and URL in a single cell.

What to do ?

  • First purchase the product from above
  • Open the Email Exporter Spreadsheet
  • Just give 3 secs to load the Spreadsheet completely
  • After the Spreadsheet loads, you can export the emails from the menu bar
  • There will be two options for you.  Choose the option as per your requirement
  • You can look other instructions on our previus articles
  • After the emails are exported, you will get a separate column in the spreadsheet for the attachments which contains the name and URL to the files
  • To access the exported files publicly, just change the visibility option of their parent folder to public