Answer to Our First Giveaway Questions

The answers to the questions which we had published for the giveaway are as follow.

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(1) Which of the following is the best way to choose a niche ?

Ans: (c) Choose a niche in which you are comfortable to write and you have a good knowledge about it

Many newbies think blogging as an ATM from which they can withdraw money at any time they want. But they are absolutely wrong. The great naturalist Charles Darwin’s theory “Survival of the Fittest” fully applicable here. You can not sustain in blogging world unless you have expertise and interest in your own niche. So starting a niche in a planning to get handful of money after some years is completely a bad idea.

(2) You have created a Facebook fan page for your blog. Which of the following is a better use of it ? 

Ans: (c) Do put links to other’s web pages if they are useful
(d) Do post images and sometimes conduct poll related to your niche

Relationship is very important in blogging. So putting a link back to your competitor’s site from your Facebook fan page is not a bad idea if the link is really helpful. Moreover you are not loosing any of your page rank as Google is not going to track the outbound links in your Facebook fan page. Rather you are helping others by sharing something which you know.

(3) There are two blogs A and B. Lets assume A has 20 inbound links & 25 outbound links and B has only 10 inbound links & 5 outbound links. What would you think about their rank in search engines ?

Ans: (d) No such deductions can be made from number of inbound and outbound links

Many people think that the number of inbound links actually determine the page rank of a blog. But in reality quantity does not matter here, the only things which matters is the quality. So getting back-links from a higher page rank blog definitely gives you high value.

(4) Most of the newbie bloggers quit within 1 year of their journey. Which of the following might be the reason(s)

Ans: (a) Because of lack of experience
(b) Because they are money oriented and expect a handful of money within 1 year
(c) They fail to prove their social presence
(e) Because of wrong choice of niche or no niche at all

This answers ideally need no explanation. Programming skill is required for a blogger but not so much essential. For instance, you are blogging in a health related niche. You want to have a good looking design of your blog but do not know HTML, CSS etc. What to do in such situation ? Simply hire somebody to design your blog or you can also buy a premium template. It’s that simple.

(5) If somebody leaves a negative comment on some of your blog article, what should you do ?

Ans: (d) Do not delete/block unless it is extremely negative or it contains any abusive words

Negative comments are always expected. Everybody’s mentality is different. So you can not write an article which is well accepted by all. Moreover, negative comments always leads to some more comments in its chain which in turn increase the number of comments in your article. This definitely helps in creating a better visitors-engagement.

(6) What do you mean by “Organic Visitors” in SEO ?

Ans: (b)  Visitors from Search Engines only

Visitors which come from search engines are “Organic Visitors” in SEO terminology. Even the visitors from other back-links do not count in this list.

(7) Why you should consider purchasing a top level domain name instead of blogspot extension ?
 Ans: (c) It creates a positive impression in your visitors
(d) It creates a brand awareness which is necessary for every blogs

Google has already mentioned that they give equal priority to both blogspot domain and top level domain. Then why should they approve adsense in a top level domain easily ? Moreover it has been found that many blogspot domain gets adsense approved while the top level domains still waiting for the acceptance. Yes, the top level domain definitely creates a positive impression in your visitors, nobody can deny this statement.

(8) Which of the following does not anyway help the search engine crawlers ?

Ans:  (d) Layout of widgets on your blog

I considered this as a very funny question. Meta tag descriptions and rel=nofollow attribute definitely help the search engines to determine the content and type of links on a page. Using bold and italic in HTML help to emphasize the keywords. While the layout of widgets does not have any impact on the crawlers.

(9) If some organization/agency requests you to post a paid article which is completely off the track and does not suite to your niche, what you should do ?

Ans: (d) Do not post the article

Many people have answered this question keeping SEO in view. Yes, publishing a link with rel=nofollow attribute indicates the search engines not to follow those links. But what about your readership ? Publishing a paid article which does not at all suite your blog might creates a negative impression among your visitors which in turn may decrease your readership. So you should always avoid such offers.

(10) Which are the ways to increase your email subscribers ?

Ans: (a)  Offers and Giveaways
(b) Offering ebooks
(c)  Position and appearance of subscribe button
(d) Quality contents

Option a, b and d are obviously correct and need no explanations. You will be surprised to know that the position and appearance of subscribe button also important to increase email subscribers. Let me tell you one thing very clear, every visitor in this world is too lazy. Although they will like your blog but they will never search for your subscribe button. So putting the subscribe button in a good position matters.