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How To Import Facebook Contacts In Gmail

I have about 200 friends in my Facebook friend-list and I want to invite them all to my sister's marriage personally via email . First of all, I will need their email addresses in an Excel sheet. But how to collect their email IDs is a big question, as Facebook has stopped every possible support for exporting email addresses to CSV or any other file. Few months back people were exporting their contacts from Facebook indirectly via other services like Yahoo or some Facebook Apps. Now even those techniques have been outdated.

Fortunately I found a beautiful workaround which can definitely help me to import my Facebook contacts into Gmail and even I can also export them into CSV. Now I can expect everybody's presence in my sister's marriage.

How to do it

  • Signin to Yahoo and import your Facebook contacts as explained in this tutorial
  • After importing those contacts you can display the list on a single page (display for printing). This is also explained in above tutorial.
  • Now to import those data into Gmail you need to save those information in some proper format so that Gmail can recognize them.
  • To do it, I created a beautiful script which can convert your raw data into Gmail recognizable format
  • You are just one step away, simply copy those information from that page (name and email) and paste them in below box and press the generate button.
  • Then copy the output to a notepad and save it as .csv extension.

How it works

  • My previous article was very similar to this. The only difference is that, previously the csv being generated was not compatible with Gmail. Though you could use it for your personal reference but it could not be imported into Gmail. But yes, it was only compatible with MS Outlook.
  • Now what I did extra is simply modified the JavaScript to convert the data into a Gmail recognizable format. Just 10 lines of script makes a big difference.

6 thoughts on “How To Import Facebook Contacts In Gmail”

  1. Hi,thank you ,but it does not work for me ,when I copy the data to the notepad ,I can not save it as CSV file ,because we can only save EXCEL file to be CSV file not notepad.
    however,if i copy the data to excel and then save it to CSV,however ,the result is not what I want , i can not import it to outlook or gmail or yahoo or what ever…please help me

    1. Hey Limei, who told you ! ! We can surely save a notepad as CSV. Suppose you have following information:


      Simply copy this information to a notepad and save it with .csv extension. For example you can save it as MyExpense.csv If you are using Windows then change the save-as-type to “All Files(*.*)” in the save as dialog box.

      Once you save it as csv you can open the same in Excel and can import it into Gmail.

  2. I cannot even import my facebook contacts into Yahoo. The popup window goes blank and nothing transfers. I’ve tried 4 different browsers on 2 different platforms.

    1. yeah…I also tested it right now…The pop up window goes blank……It occurs either because of some bug or any other technical problems. They will fix it soon……

  3. You are amazing. Thanks for your help! It definitely took a bit of combing through to delete names that didn’t have an email in FB but once I got it set up all I had to do was add the words “name” and “email” in column A and B of the saved CSV version.

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