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Get Google Analytics Report In Your Phone Via SMS

Having a blog/website and maintaining on a daily basis is really a difficult task. As a website owner you have to go through a lot of activities to keep your website fresh and attractive. One of those activities include Analyzing your website traffic. All newbie bloggers open their visitors stats more than 10 times a day(believe it or not). But this is not good. Frequently viewing your stats and all will not increase your visitors count. Rather you are unnecessarily wasting your time. Analyzing your stats once in a day is sufficient to keep track your visitors and their intention.

What you should actually do

Most of the webmasters use Google Analytics for their traffic analysis. We personally use the same for this blog to analyze our visitors and their flow. When you view your stats on a daily basis, you may not want to go through all possible options available in Analytics. To visualize the data and plotting the charts and all require a continuous stream of information for some duration. So if you are viewing your stats frequently on a daily basis then you may hardly take interest to go through those meshy charts, rather you might be interested in some common parameters like visitors count, pageviews, bounce rate, average time on site etc.

Oh Yes, this is the right time to describe what exactly this article is about. This article will tell you how to get Google Analytics Report directly in your mobile phone via SMS. Now it does not matter where you are, you will get the realtime traffic report from Google Analytics right in your cell phone. We have created a script which will help you for the same. If you are an Analytics user then you can definitely avail this beautiful feature. If you are not, then I will suggest you to switch to Analytics to avail the same.

How it works

I think the above diagram needs no explanation. It self explains everything. The entire thing has been automated with Google Script and the heart of the script is present in the spreadsheet. All the information like at what time you need the SMS, what information should the SMS contain etc. is present in that spreadsheet. You can customize all the parameters according to your own need.

How to make it functional

  • Login to your Google Analytics Account
  • Make a copy of this spreadsheet
  • In the spreadsheet you can set all configurations like (a) Setting the time to receive SMS (b) Setting the content of the SMS and (c) Your Analytics profile ID
  • To set the time you just need to select YES/NO from the drop down
  • Similarly you can choose metrics by selecting YES/NO from the drop down
  • To provide your profile ID, open Google Analytics and go to Account Name–>Profile Name–>All Website Data–>Profile Settings
Note: There is another workaround to get your profile ID easily. In your Analytics visit Real-time report. Now look at the URL. Your URL ends with pxxxxxxxx. That xxxxxxxx is your analytics profile ID.

  • Now register your mobile in Google Calendar. If you do not know how to register then visit this page. If you have already registered, then skip this step.
  • Now the spreadsheet task is over, just you need to set a trigger which will automatically run in every 1minute.

How to create trigger

Until an unless you create the trigger it will not work. To create the trigger go to Tools–> Script Editor in the spreadsheet. In script editor click on Resources–>All your triggers. Now add a new trigger with following settings.

Create a new trigger

Now you are done and Google Script is ready to send the reports as per the time specified in the spreadsheet. Remember, if till now you have not registered your mobile with Google Calendar then register it now, it is beacuse all the SMS will be sent via Google Canedar.

For any help drop a comment. Enjoy 🙂