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Schedule Emails in Gmail Using Google Docs

Scheduling your emails in Gmail is now made easy with Google docs. As there is no default option to schedule emails, we have created a script which will help you to achieve this task. Just you need to fill your details in a sheet and the script will automatically send the Emails in proper time.

Schedule Emails

There are three versions available. Version1 supports all the features of Version2 except sending HTML body. In version2 You can write HTML tag in the body. Version3 is the google add-on which is having a lot features mentioned in the below table.


Schedule Emails Yes Yes Yes
Html Body No Yes Yes
Email Sent Status Yes Yes No
Compose email with Gmail default composer No No Yes
Different scheduling options No No Yes
End the schedule after certain criteria No No Yes
Schedule recurring emails No No Yes
Choose email templates No No Yes

Email Status

How to get the app functional

  • First purchase the application from above link
  • After purchase, click on “Get the app” button and provide the details to get access to the the app.
  • Then go to File → Make a copy…
  • This will create a copy of that spreadsheet in your Google drive
  • Open your own copy and go to Tools → Script editor…
  • The script editor window will open. Go to File → Project Properties and change the time zone. Now save the pop up.
  • In Script editor select test() from the dropdown and click on the arrow icon to run. It may ask you for permission. Grant it.
  • Then Go to Resources → All your triggers…
  • We are creating this trigger because in every minute the script will search for new scheduled emails in your spreadsheet.
  • Just see the below image to create the trigger

How to schedule Email

  • After creating the trigger your spreadsheet is ready to schedule emails, so close your script editor.
  • Go to spreadsheet and provide the details in their respective columns to schedule an Email.
  • Write the Email address of the person(to whom you are sending) in the first column.
  • Mention the subject and body in 2nd and 3rd column respectively. To write in multiple lines in a single cell you can use Alt+Enter.
  • You can provide multiple lines in the body but you must provide a single line in the subject field.

How to mention the time

This part is very very important otherwise your Email can not be sent in proper time. You need to set the time in the format DD-MM-YYYY HH:MM. Make sure that you are putting  a single space between DD-MM-YYYY and HH:MM. You can see an example.
Example: 23-02-2012 21:17

How to know your Email has been sent

After setting everything you can close your spreadsheet. The script will read your spreadsheet in every minute and scan the schedule time. When the time will match with the current time it will send the email. If the email is sent successfully then it will make the status field Green, if it fails it will turn Red.

* Do not write anything in the status column. It will be automatically filled when the email is sent