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Hidden Shortcut Keys for Sticky Notes in Windows

Sticky Notes in Windows is the best tool for instantly writing something especially when you want your information to get automatically saved. There are many advantages of using Sticky Notes over notepad. Some of the advantages have been listed below.
  • Windows sticky notes are just like your office desk sticky notes where you can instantly write some urgent data. 
  • Similar to real life sticky notes you can organize them into different colors. 
  • They do not need to be manually saved. It is automatic. 
  • You can manually drag the sticky notes to different locations on your screen as per your requirement. 
  • Sticky notes also support different fonts and a lot of shortcut keys.
Here is a list of shortcut keys which you can  use to make your work more easier.

PurposeShortcut KeysPurposeShortcut Keys
ItalicsCtrl+IBullet(•)Ctrl+Shift+L (1st Time)
UnderlineCtrl+UBullet(1.)Ctrl+Shift+L (2nd Time)
BoldCtrl+BBullet(a.)Ctrl+Shift+L (3rd Time)
Strike ThroughCtrl+TBullet(A.)Ctrl+Shift+L (4th Time)
Left AlignCtrl+LBullet(i.)Ctrl+Shift+L (5th Time)
Right AlignCtrl+RBullet(I.)Ctrl+Shift+L (6th Time)
Center AlignCtrl+EToggle the caseCtrl+Shift+A
New NoteCtrl+NSingle Line SpacingCtrl+1
Close Sticky noteAlt+F4Double Line SpacingCtrl+2
Delete NoteCtrl+D1.5 Line SpacingCtrl+5
Increase Font SizeCtrl+Shift+ >Go to beginning of the noteCtrl+Home
Decrease Font SizeCtrl+Shift+ <Go to end of the noteCtrl+End
SubscriptCtrl+ =Switch between sticky notesCtrl+Tab
SuperscriptCtrl+Shift+ =

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