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How to Easily Get All the Feed URLs of Blogger

A web feed or an XML feed is a online file which alerts the user about the frequently updated contents in your blog. It gets automatically updated when you update your blog’s content. An XML feed contains the title and description of latest articles and their links pointing to the original blog’s article. As you already know there are two types of feeds 1. Atom Feed and 2. RSS feed. Both these feeds are different slightly in their structure. 

How to get the Feed URLs of Blogger

Fortunately Blogger provides both Atom feed and RSS feeds. Four types of feed you will get from Blogger.
  1. Full Site Feed
    http://<blog URL>/feeds/posts/default
    RSS: http://<blog URL>/feeds/posts/default?alt=rss
  2. All Comments Feed
    http://<blog URL>/feeds/comments/default
    RSS: http://<blog URL>/feeds/comments/default?alt=rss
  3. Label Specific feed
    http://<blog URL>/feeds/posts/default/-/<label>
    RSS: http://<blog URL>/feeds/posts/default/-/<label>?alt=rss
  4. Post Specific Comment Feed Atom: http://<blog URL>/feeds/<post id>/comments/default
    RSS: http://<blog URL>/feeds/<post id>/comments/default?alt=rss

How to easily generate the URLs

 Blog URL:     http://

Post ID: