Facebook Programming tricks

Don’t You Really Know Your Facebook Numeric ID ?

Do you know there are multiple usernames and passwords for a single Facebook account ? Yes it is !! You can use any of them for your login purpose. I have already written an article about 3 usernames and 3 passwords of Facebook. If you are not aware of it, then check it now.

Besides them there is one more user ID which you can also use during login. This ID is completely numeric and it uniquely identifies your account from others. This ID is assigned to you when you create a new account.

How can I view my Facebook numeric ID ?

Unfortunately Facebook does not display this numeric ID directly in your account. It is totally hidden. This is the only reason why many people are not aware of it. But I have made your work little easy. I have made a script which can find your Facebook numeric ID just with a single click. This can be calculated from the profile URL.

Small Instruction:  This information is public so you can view the numeric ID of any Facebook user.

  • Just visit your friend's profile page .
  • Do right click on the profile picture → Copy Link Location .
  • Paste the link in the below text box.
  • Press "Show Numeric ID"