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We Changed Our Theme From Blue to Black-Orange

Just before few days we thought make some modification in our theme. Yesterday we changed it to black-orange. We have decided that this theme will be our permanent theme forever. Yesterday night I* went to bed very late. 
(* When no name is mentioned exclusively “I” indicates to Hari)

Our blog is now 9 months old. After about 3 months we will cut our first birthday cake. Within this 9 month period we came across a lot of hurdles. Thank you for your supports. Your curiosity to read our blog makes us more vigorous to write quality contents. We have maintained and will keep on maintaining this strategy.

When we begin our journey most visitors were coming from India only. But now we have succeed to drag international visitors from every corners. Now we get the most visitors from following countries.
Top 8 countries according to our visitors
Top 8 countries
according to our visitors
We have never thought that within this short period of 9 months we can drag international visitors. But thank god, we have proved it. Everything happened because of our quality contents and the key to quality content is the visitors. So a cyclic dependency has been established. 

We have crossed a lot of milestones since our birth. Now its the time to summarize them on a single page. When I will get time I will definitely do that.

Keep on visiting our site regularly and keep on forcing us to provide quality contents for you.

Catch you next time. Bye.