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The Best Marketing Trick: Put a Tag of 99 Rupees

How many of you have marked the secret marketing of 99 Rupees. Now a days many companies have adopted this method. Instead of displaying the cost as Rs. 102, put a tag of Rs. 99. Customers get biased with this magic digit 99. Don’t you personally feel 99 as very very less than 102, so do others. Even I too.

Before 10 years, although this technique was there but very few were implementing this. But now everybody use it. Sometimes I go to shopping malls just for my timepass. I mark everything over there, customer’s behavior, seller’s behaviour, security guard’s behavior. I find about 50% of the products are with this type of tagline. Just 1 rupee less than the next higher value. I personally think Rs. 99, Rs. 999, Rs. 9999 all these are nothing but magic numbers.

Get with Rs. 99 Only
The next time you go to buy your T-Shirt try to judge yourself. You will be again biased. By the way you are going to save Rs. 3. We can’t ignore it. 

Just joking friends. See you next time with interesting articles. Bye.